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Easy DIY Shirt Printing

  Shirt printing can be meticulous and complicated. However, there are also simple and easy ways to do it. It will be quite fun too because you can let the kids do it too. Im sure everybody will be happy

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Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur – Apatosaurus

Dinosaurs roam the earth a long time ago but their mysterious and magnificent image makes kids love them. The Apatosaurus is a gentle giant and is one among kids favorite dinosaur. I’ve done some pipe cleaner crafts and making the

Father’s Day Flip-Flop Card

Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate and be thoughtful to our wonderful dads. A simple note, a kiss, a gift can send out our love to them. We say thank you in our own special way. A way

Crafts For Kids (3rd Edition): 99 Fun Packed Projects For Kids Of All Ages Review

Title:Crafts For Kids (3rd Edition): 99 Fun Packed Projects For Kids Of All Ages! (Kids Crafts) Author: Kitty Moore Cost: Kindle: $3.99, Paperback: $15.95, Audible: $0.00 Pages: 174 pages # of Crafts : 99 Location: Crafts for Kids of

Animal Finger Puppets

Now, it is time to make some finger puppets. Better yet, it will will be animal puppets. This a fun way to make an inexpensive toy and at the same time we’ll have fun doing it. Let’s do it! Materials:

Christmas Tree Craft with Glittery Star Topper

Today, I’m going to do a Christmas tree craft. I couldn’t go through this holiday season without the Christmas tree. It is one of my favorite symbols. So, let’s get started. Materials: Green A4/Letter Paper – 5 pcs Glitter Paper

Christmas Star Decoration

Christmas is coming to town! It is my favorite time of the year. I am looking forward to gift-giving, carols, parties, and most especially decorating. This is a great time for crafting. For today’s craft, I will be making a

Paper Christmas Star

I am so excited for Christmas. It is my favorite time to do crafts. First thing that comes to my mind to craft for Christmas are Stars! I just love stars. They are symbolic and they just look so pretty.

Bat Box Origami for Halloween Treats

Make trick or treating extra special. Prepare your treats in bat boxes. I’m going to show you how to make them. We are going to do a simple origami and add a dash of creativity to make our box extra

Halloween Bat Craft

It is time for Halloween Craft! Now, we are making a hanging bat. It is easy to make and takes just little time to do. Well, you if you are into drawing, I also provided a printable at the end

23 Halloween Crafts for Kids Review

Title: 23 Halloween Crafts for Kids Author: Prime Publishing Cost: 0$ / Free Pages: 93 # of Crafts : 23 Location:, Amazon, and iTunes Halloween Fun The e-book contains 23 easy Halloween crafts. It is free to download. The best thing

Paper Roll Penguin Craft

Good day everyone! It is time for crafts. Today, I am going to show you how to do a penguin craft from paper rolls. I saved up my toilet paper rolls for crafts and this is just one my ideas.